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Verbier, 4 December 2014



Verbier launches the Sustainable Mobility Forum

The Verbier Institute and the Bagnes Commune announce the creation of the first Investment Forum centred on Sustainable Mobility – the Verbier Mobility Investment Forum – which will be held on Friday 5 December in Verbier.

Mobility is one of the most innovative and buoyant sector of today’s economy. The combination of accelerated technological innovation, the proliferation of geolocation applications and the thriving shared economy drives far reaching transformations in the sector.


The Verbier Institute, in consultation with the commune de Bagnes, selected sustainable mobility as a priority and recurring theme for the Verbier Investment Forum. This Forum aims to become the leading European Forum on sustainable mobility and will encompass all facets of mobility from technological innovation to mobility behaviours, the policy and regulatory frameworks and governance.


The first Verbier Mobility Investment Forum will focus on two major themes:

  • The deployment of electric and hybrid vehicles ; and
  • The Shared Mobility Revolution.


Nissan Europe; Mobility Car Sharing Switzerland, one of the oldest carsharing company in the world; Electric Easy et i-moov, specialist electric carsharing start-ups; EPFL and University of Geneva are some of the key contributors to an exhaustive programme.


«The accelerated uptake of Battery Electric Vehicle is an asset for our local communities at large and will go through the deployment of a convenient and affordable EV Quick Charging infrastructure. There are practical steps to cooperate and make this charging infrastructure more economical and fully inter-operable and these steps should be maximized…” analyses Olivier Paturet, General Manager of the Zero Emissions strategy at Nissan Europe.

«The creation of a dense network of service suppliers is a critical enabler for the development of soft mobility and for a true evolution of mobility behaviours. Alternative soft mobility solutions shall eventually substitute for traditional ‘hard mobility’ solutions. However, for this to happen, the industry needs risk taking investors», adds Pascal Bourquard, board member of ElectricEasy SA.


The Verbier Institute pursues two major objectives through the creation of the Verbier Mobility Investment Forum:

  • Create a European sustainable mobility platform to foster exchanges between experts and practitioners in sustainable mobility and collaboration between investors, operators, technology developers and political decision makers.
  • Provide regional public and private decision makers with access to an international network of expertise and best practice to inform the design of local and regional projects. In other words, apply the motto: ‘Think globally, Act locally!’


Isabelle Schirmer, organiser of the Forum, highlights the unique features of the event in terms of philosophy and format: «The Verbier Institute aspires to become a preferred partner for political and economic decision makers. Through the organisation of the Verbier Mobility Investment Forum, the Verbier Institute seeks to act as a catalyst, spearheading the formation of a community of experts in sustainable mobility and initiating pilot sustainable mobility projects at the local and regional level. In contrast to most traditional conferences, this forum is by invitation only, avoids ‘bla-bla’ and focuses on concrete impact ».


The event programme is available at:


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The Verbier Institute is a foundation in the making and incubated by Botza (an environmental association based in Verbier). The Verbier Institute has three priority areas: performance, innovation and impact. The Bagnes commune is a partner of the Verbier Institute. For further information, please visit:

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