Thank you for making the inaugural version of the VMIF a success!

VMIF speakers and organisers group photo. From top left: Denis Bochatay - Pawel Porowski - Pascal Bovey - Frank Manders - Eros Gentilini - Pascal Bourquard Jr - Eloi Rossier - Anaïs Rocci - Luis-Miguel Gomes - Isabelle Schirmer - Michaël Thémans - Olivier Paturet - Anders Sjöstedt -- Giuseppe Pini - Fabienne Herlaut - Martina Looser Not pictured: Olivier Rossinelli, Gaëtan Chérix

A warm thank you goes on on behalf of the organising team at Verbier Institute to the 60 participants of this year’s Forum. Our day-long program outlined local opportunities for innovative mobility projects and brought together investors, technology suppliers, operators and decision-makers involved in mobility.

The quality of speakers has been remarkable. The presence of entrepreneurs meanwhile prevented us getting lost in theory” — Eloi Rossie, President of the Commune de Bagnes

This well-organised event attracted high quality speakers. Furthermore,  through the workshop the event utilised the extensive experience and diverse backgrounds of the speakers and guests to come up with concrete actions” — Alexander Banz, Partner, Niton Capital

If you have questions about the event’s programming or outcomes, please contact us:
Isabelle Schirmer — isabelle(at)isabelleschirmer(dot)com
Anders Sjöstedt — anders(at)verbieri(dot)com

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Event Description

Mobility is one of the most innovative sectors of today’s economy. A ‘New Mobility’ is emerging at the crossroad between accelerated innovation in the automotive and tech sectors and the rapid development of the shared economy or collaborative consumption. The Google driverless car and automated electric vehicles are no longer a distant utopia and Űber (on demand taxi) and BlaBla Car (ride sharing) are the new stars of venture capital investment.

This ‘New Mobility’ has a positive impact on the environment, yet it is not fully recognized in sustainable development discussions which remain too narrowly focused on supply (supply of transport services, technology and infrastructure).

The Verbier Mobility Investment Forum (VMIF) aims to become a leading European platform centered on mobility and more particularly sustainable mobility. The VIMF encompasses all aspects of mobility, namely technology, infrastructure, business models, behaviors, policy and governance.

As an inaugural event, the VIMF 2014 focused on two aspects:

  • Electric and hybrid vehicles; and
  • Shared mobility’ i.e. mobility solutions born out of the shared economy


Objectives of the VMIF

The main objective is to create a knowledge platform to share expertise and experience in mobility and sustainable mobility, and to work around local challenges and opportunities, such as those identified by recent mobility studies for Verbier and the Val de Bagnes. The inaugural edition gathered a select circle of high-level executives involved in mobility as investors, operators, technology providers and policy makers. This knowledge platform will enable a better understanding of the trends shaping sustainable mobility and will help increase quality investment flows in the sector.

In addition, the VMIF enables regional decision makers to access international expertise and best practices. This will help design and implement local investment projects in mobility in the Verbier area and further afield in Switzerland and the Alps. In other words ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’.


Innovative format

The VMIF is neither a conference nor a  ‘talk shop’. It is an expert forum. Its unique features are:

  • Participation is by invitation only and restricted to experts. This intimate setting enables high quality interaction amongst participants;  and
  • The knowledge platform created through the VIFM also has a tangible impact, since it will be leveraged to launch regional/local projects.



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