The Verbier Institute is a Swiss not-for-profit dedicated to pioneer sustainability. It focuses on driving innovation, and improving the performance and positive impact of sustainability within organisations and communities.

Verbier is a world-class and globally renowned mountain resort in Valais, Switzerland. It offers a beautiful and unique natural environment, with lots of sports activities (e.g. Freeride World Tour) and cultural events (e.g. Verbier Music Festival) for a cosmopolitan clientele.

Its local government, Commune de Bagnes, has decided to develop its future based on three key pillars: Sports, Culture and Sustainability.


The Verbier Institute plans to help the local government as well as pioneer sustainability globally through three pillars:

  1. PERFORMANCE CENTER: Organise executive retreats to improve the sustainability performance and wellness of corporate teams and executives with sustainability classes, outdoor activities and healthy food.
  2. INNOVATION FORUM: Organise events on catalysing innovation and sustainability. There will be several local events as well as an annual global sustainability conference called the Verbier Summit, that will convene leaders and resources to educate, inspire and pioneer sustainability.
  3. IMPACT ACADEMY: Conduct research and classes, in conjunction with academic institutions, on progressing and measuring the sustainable impact of organisations and governments, at the nexus of the economy, environment and society. The Academy will also support Verbier’s carbon emissions target.